Most men live their whole lives without ever learning what is attractive to women. To make things more complicated, most attractive WOMEN don’t even know what they find attractive. If you ask a beautiful woman what she finds attractive in a man you’ll hear the usual “oh he has to be nice and be himself”.

The problem is, if you act exactly how she describes you will most definitely end up being slotted in the “friends zone” and hear things like “oh I like you, but only as a friend.”

So what is attractive to women?

How can you make her like you “that way”?

You must understand that unlike men, looks are not very important to women when it comes to choosing a mate. I’m sure you’ve seen many average looking guys with a hottie.

Of course having a lot of money and looking good helps but women are much more interested in certain qualities and specific characteristics in men.

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Characteristics that any man can cultivate and embody.

When men look for a mate, on a deep level, they mostly base their decision on how a woman looks. A woman who has a curvy body, clear skin, and delicate features signal to a man on an unconscious level that she is fertile, disease free, and nurturing therefore being a good candidate to bear his children and carry on the species.

Now women on the other hand, are looking for signs that say you are a strong, confident, and masculine man who has his own life and doesn’t need approval from her. A man who has high social value and is not afraid to exert dominance over his territory.

She is hardwired from birth to respond powerfully when a man displays these traits. They tell her you are a “protector and provider”. It tells her you will fend off attackers and provide resources for her if she becomes your mate. She will have many people care for her if she’s with a man who has high social value within his group. It’s not a coincidence why the number one thing women want in their lives is security.

Now I know in this day and age there’s not that many incidents where we have to fend off attackers, however the wiring of what is attractive to women is still there and that is what they seek out. This is the reason why women are not attracted to the typical “nice guy”. The nice guy goes out of his way to please her by doing whatever she wants in hopes that he’ll get her approval. This kind of behavior appears weak in the woman’s eyes.

Now that you know what is attractive to women, stop trying to please women. Start building your confidence level by doing things that are outside your comfort zone. Begin to make friends with new people and grow your social circle. Start making your “territory” your own. And above all else get over the fear of women, how can you ever “protect” her if you are afraid of her?


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