Have you ever had that feeling of walking on a mine field while simply chattering with a hot lady? Do her words have a second meaning? Did she mean what she said? How should you reply? Well, brace yourselves for the answers to these and other questions are coming. You are in real luck today, bad boy!

But first things first: The number one important question on our list is…

How does one meet Russian women for dating online?

The answer is not as obvious as it might seem. Sure you can google up a dating site or even download an app for these purposes. But will that work in your favor? Will it actually help meeting Russian women online?

You see, there are series of tricks. Slavic brides are in trend right now. It’s insanely popular to have a Russian women in the US or UK. Alas, downsides walk among with popularity. To make the long story short – there are lots of frauds out there fishing out your credit card details.

Thus, before choosing any dating services perform a background check. Look up for revues, comments, success stories as well as testimonials and only proceed with a resource you are 100% sure in.

Now, that that’s covered, let’s proceed to the fun part!

How to attract hot Russian women with nothing but text at your disposal?

Keep in mind that you will be dealing with a pretty stunning mentality. And, like in a real date with a Russian women, you will have to pick up her responses to play accordingly. Not seeing her face or expressions isn’t really that much of a downside as long as you:

  • Remember to compliment her constantly. After you meet a Russian bride holding her attention is pivotal. The best way to do so is through making her special. Not that these ladies can’t really take a compliment due to modest nature. They will shy out. That means your plan is working. Never stop!
  • Attract Russian women through humor. 99.9% of them fall for a great joke. Sense of humor indicates that you are confident, educated, smart even – those are fine qualities of a man. Qualities girls pay a lot of their attention to.
  • Don’t show too much emotion or attraction. Stay cool; you are the one who’s wanted here, not her. Don’t allow these rules to change otherwise you will lose the lead and the girl. You can’t afford overdoing it though. Remember the compliment part?
  • Don’t brag. Remember – you are online. People don’t trust show-offs here as they don’t usually have anything to back their claims in real life.

What about the girls? What are they like?

  • They might be a bit too naïve or open-minded, but it’s just so adorable.
  • Humor is valued as a virtue in post Soviet countries. Everyone has a great sense of it there.
  • Majority of adults have at least one college degree. Some have several.
  • Your trouble will mean much more to her that personal misfortunes. It’s just how her mind works.
  • Yes, it might take a while for her to open up to you. But the results are totally worth it.

The rest is pretty much done for you as you are a foreigner – a special treat for a country filled with lonely girls dreaming of family.

How can one date Russian women for marriage though?

Yes, you can meet a Slavic lady and marry on her without much effort. But only if you get services from a professional marriage agency. Serious intentions require a lot of preparation. You will be stuck with booking flights, arranging hotel rooms, dealing with notorious paper work, embassies and VISAs. Do you really want that to happen?

There are, after all, special people with both the skills and experience to do all that while you are enjoying the perks of being with a gorgeous, fabulous girl of your dreams. Enjoy your happily ever after!

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